Dr. Marc Rosen has renewed and given my body it’s active life again after a severe trauma. I didn’t even believe it was possible to put my body back together. And now I have my life back thanks to Dr Rosen. He is SO much more than a chiropractor! I feel extremely blessed to have found Dr Marc Rosen. He works on my toddler too, that’s how much I trust this man’s talent.

Jennifer J. Age 44

Marc Rosen is the best chiropractor/homeopathic doctor I have ever been to. He deals with the entire person, mind, body & spirit. I went to Marc W. Rosen, D.C. with a lower back problem. He not only helped me with my back he did so much more.

I have had an abdominal pain for over a year. I have been to my GYN, taken sonograms,etc. Every doctor told me there is no problem . I did not tell Dr Rosen about my pain. He told me. I was amazed. If you need to heel look no further. Dr Marc Rosen in Boca is the best. I live in NY and he tops them all. Do not hesitate when picking a doctor just make an appointment now.

Maxine S. Age 50

For the last eight years I’ve suffered from chronic back and neck pain, often so bad that I’m unable to sleep for more than a few hours for weeks at a time. After years of searching high and low for anything to lessen the pain, including countless orthopedists, acupuncturists and chiropractors–I’ve finally found someone that has been able to help, in Marc W. Rosen, D.C.. Unfortunately I live in NY so I have to fly down to Boca for treatment, but as I’ve found nothing as helpful here, its a trip I will gladly make.

To help with my sleep, my orthopedist prescribed Ambien and my acupuncturist gave me some herbs. Marc W. Rosen, D.C. gave me some homeopathic treatment (which is the first thing to work), though I don’t know if its my neck feeling better, or the supplement he gave me that has finally allowed me to sleep.

Mike S. Age 30

New to the area, I consider myself so fortunate to have found Dr. Marc Rosen, a terrific chiropractor, and so much more, in Boca Raton. It’s a wonderful office where you will be warmly greeted by Marc W. Rosen, D.C. and his wife, Robin. Marc W. Rosen, D.C. is a doctor who actually listens and gives you the time you need. He is a highly skilled holistic chiropractor who also uses kinesiology and other techniques to get to the root of the issue, rather than just treat the symptoms. Whether you are new to chiropractic or someone who has been searching a long time for someone who can help you, this is the place for you. I can not recommend it highly enough.

Marcia R. Age 64

I wish there was a way to double the amount of stars you could give on Yelp. Marc W. Rosen, D.C. is an absolute 10! I have been seeking wellness through all different modalities for two years now. Working in health care has exposed me to numerous physicians who have given me various diagnoses. Without providing Marc W. Rosen, D.C. any medical history, or chance to take labs, he was able to find all of mine-and find the cures- through simple physical examination! I was blown away (it actually brought me to happy tears.)

Chiropractor is just one of his many talents. He is truly a healer- and a wonderful teacher- which is what makes going to see him so worth it. I highly recommend seeing Marc W. Rosen, D.C. if you need any healing, involving chiropractics or not!

Rachel S. Age 25

My journey began with excruciating lower back pain that landed me in hospital one evening with the only relief coming from pain medication. I was scared to turn to chiropractic to solve my pain due to a bad previous experience; however this fear was eliminated (just like my back pain!) as soon as I walked into Dr. Marc’s office.

I was met with true kindness, care and warmth from both Marc and his wife, Robin. Marc’s approachable demeanor, laser-focused care and desire to help solve my pain were unlike any experience I had with prior doctor visits. Marc customized a treatment approach for me that had me feeling better after the first visit. The results are outstanding and speak for themselves—my back pain has disappeared and I feel stronger and healthier than ever before.

The treatment has gone beyond massage and adjustments for my back pain into nutrition and wellness. Under his care, I have lost over 20 pounds, I can easily do workouts four times a week, and I have never felt in better shape. I recommend Dr Marc’s chiropractic care unreservedly. All I can say is, see for yourself and book an appointment now!

Zoe H. Age 30

I don’t know where to begin except to say that Dr. Marc Rosen was not the first doctor we came to see in our quest for solving some serious health issues for, first, our youngest daughter, and then myself. For our daughter, it began when she was 6 months old until she is now 15. The amount of medical doctors, and then naturopaths we have seen is mind boggling and subsequently un-useful for the most part. Although we had some minor prior success, it was not until we came to see Marc W. Rosen, D.C. that things really took a quick turn for the better.

One aspect that makes him so unique is his approach in listening and looking at things from a unique perspective, then explain what is happening inside the body in a way that make sense. He looks at the bigger picture, the whole body and life history when solving medical concerns. This enables him to find the root cause, which is how he is able to make a real and permanent difference. Marc W. Rosen, D.C. is VERY caring and makes himself easily available to help at times when other doctors would never consider.

His techniques of CRA are reliable and very confirming. But here is where he shines: After he finishes listening… he talks. And talks. And talks some more. He will take the time again and again to fully explain what he knows and how he’s healing you. He clears up the fears created by not knowing, and leaves you with concrete answers. We left after the first visit, and so many years of not knowing what was wrong, with such relief, that isn’t even an accurate enough word.

We trusted him because he knew what to do. The first doctor with real answers. Our daughter was quite sad and worn out from years of doctors and long, repeated appointments with not much results. Marc W. Rosen, D.C. sat with her many times and through his magic talks he put a smile on her face and gave her confidence that she would be fine (and now is!). After knowing him for 1 1/2 years now, I can say we are so blessed to have a doctor for our family like Marc W. Rosen, D.C.. He REALLY cares.

Deborah G. Parkland FL

My entire family has been patients of Dr.Marc Rosen for 15+ years besides his amazing skill of being able to realign your entire body with an adjustment, and being an unbiased conversationalist to help with some deeper issues beside just bones and muscle tissue. I have recently acquired a pair couple of pairs of custom made orthotics for both work, dress, and running shoes.

Across the board they help me stand taller and more properly! They help my stamina whether it running, standing for long periods of time, or even just walking. I’ve tried Dr. Scholls insert and it just makes everything softer to walk on. Every persons foot is unique and the only way to get true support is to cast your own foot to get the actual support you need! One of the best investments I ever made was in my orthotics

David R. Age 27

I was referred to Dr. Marc Rosen about 20 years ago after being in a car accident. I had already been to an orthopedist and two other chiropractors with no pain relief for my injuries. To say I was skeptical is an understatement. From our first meeting I was able to tell that Marc W. Rosen, D.C. was a different breed of Dr. He cares about getting you well and keeping you well.

He made a difference in that first visit. He is not about getting you into his office 3 times a week for the rest of your life. He cares about making you feel better in the initial visit. My children and husband are also patients and we have all recommended Marc W. Rosen, D.C. to countless people who then call to thank us after receiving treatment.

Marc and Robin Rosen are unique in the way the office is run. Every patient is made to feel at home with the knowledge that care is just a phone call away.

I cannot speak highly enough of Marc W. Rosen, D.C..

Helene R. Age 60

I recently moved to Boca Raton and am so happy to have found Marc W. Rosen, D.C.! I’ve moved around a lot and been to many chiropractors and knew right away that this office was a good match for what I was looking for/ needed. Marc W. Rosen, D.C. has a holistic approach and uses other modalities along with his adjustments: massage, reflexology, muscle testing, nutrition analysis, etc.

Some offices have different practitioners to perform these functions, but with Marc W. Rosen, D.C. doing it himself, he is able to look at how your body is functioning and affecting each part. Although I’ve been to chiropractors often, I still tend to tense up and Marc W. Rosen, D.C. always uses heat or some massage before adjusting (which is very gentle). I don’t like it when I see a chiropractor and they just start cracking away. This is not the case and I am able to relax and feel more comfortable.

My muscle pain is lessening and I feel more healthy overall after my visits. I learn a lot about healing my body every time I visit and integrate new practices into living a healthier lifestyle. I can get an appointment usually at the last minute, which is perfect because I am terrible at scheduling. They are not pushy about scheduling appointments and Robin in the office is really nice and easy to work with. I would recommend Marc W. Rosen, D.C. to anyone/ everyone.

Rachel W. Age 32

Initially I was skeptical of any type of holistic treatments. One year ago I started doing Crossfit, which was life changing in a positive way, but physically took a toll on my body. Marc W. Rosen, D.C. was recommended to me for a shoulder problem I was having, which limited my ability to perform to my full capacity. I was also experiencing sharp pains in my feet as a result of crossfit and standing on my feet all day as a food and beverage director of a hotel.

I went to see Marc W. Rosen, D.C. and he opened my eyes to how chiropractic adjustments can heal and keep my body strong and healthy unlike anything else I have tried in the past. He fixed my shoulder within 2 visits and i have been able to lift more weight than ever before. Marc W. Rosen, D.C. also assessed my foot problem by taking a video and pedograph of how I walked. He then casted my foot for custom orthotics and within three days of receiving them and getting used to the feeling of my foot properly aligned I was out running miles again after not being able to walk properly for over a month and a half! I can’t imagine walking around in my dress shoes at work or doing any type of physical activity without the orthotics in my shoes. I feel as if I am walking on air.

I highly recommend to anyone to get a pair of custom orthotics. It is the best investment I have made. (not to mention I have experienced a significant improvement in my posture as well). Thank you Marc W. Rosen, D.C. for making me a believer in chiropractic!

Robert P. Miami Beach, Florida Age 33

My muscle pain is lessening and I feel more healthy overall after my visits. I learn a lot about healing my body every visit and integrate new practices into living a healthier lifestyle. I can get an appointment usually at the last minute, which is perfect because I am terrible at scheduling.

Rachel W. Parkland, FL Age 32

I began Crossfit which aggravated a shoulder injury. I went to see Marc W. Rosen, D.C. and he opened my eyes to how chiropractic adjustments can heal and keep my body strong and healthy unlike anything else I have tried in the past.

Robert P. Miami Beach Age 33

Marc W. Rosen, D.C. is the best chiropractor/homeopathic doctor I have ever been to. He deals with the entire person, mind, body & spirit.

Maxine S. Boca Raton, FL Age 50