Standard Process:

Marc W. Rosen, D.C. has been using Standard Process products for over 40 years personally and over 30 years professionally. Their quality and effectiveness is unsurpassed by any other product he has used. What makes Standard Process unique is that they are not considered “vitamins” but rather whole food supplements that nourish your body. Marc W. Rosen, D.C. and Robin have been out to the Standard Process farm and manufacturing facility in Wisconsin, to see first-hand how incredible the products truly are. They both are continually taking seminars offered through the company to learn more and more about these products and how to use them most effectively. Marc W. Rosen, D.C. is proud to say that Standard Process products are his personal “medicine cabinet” and has been what has nourished his children for the past 27 years.

Epsom Salt:

The healing power of Epsom salt can never be underestimated. The magnesium content in the Epsom salt soothes aching muscles. There is nothing better than taking a hot Epsom salt bath at the end of the day to relieve the aches and strains of an acute or even chronic injury.

Essential Oils:

The scent of eucalyptus can be smelled before one even walks into the office. The healing ability of essential oils allows the body to adapt in a calming and or energetic way, depending on the scent used. Marc W. Rosen, D.C. likes to mix oils and massage with them as well as diffuse the oils for broader healing.

Herbs, Etc:

Using herbal remedies along with nutritional supplements can give an extra boost to healing certain conditions. Some of our favorites are Yeast Releaf and Para free and can work wonders for handling those types of issues.

Chi-Health Herbs

Chi-Health Herbs have been a great addition to our office and help complement the treatment protocols for fingernail and tongue analysis as well as Dr. Rosen’s other findings while consulting and examining patients.

NET Homeopathic

NET Homeopathic remedies help with not only physical issues but emotional ones. These are simple to use and can have a powerful impact on healing the body and mind. They are safe an effective for children and adults.


This cleansing program is a wonderful way to jump start any weight loss and cleansing program. It is simple to use and results have been quick to notice.

Greens First:

These products are great for alkalizing the body. They are also very simple to use and have great flavors making it an easy addition to any cleansing program or diet.

Anabolic Laboratories:

The Vitamin C and adrenal products are time released so that it helps the body throughout the day. Dr Rosen has been using these products for over 30 years and has always loved the results.

Mind Lightz:

Dr. Rosen has been using these simple meditation glasses for over 20 years. He has found them to be an amazing tool to help relax the mind and put it at peace or even to help stimulate the mind. It helps bring the brain through different wave lengths depending on the program chosen. He often uses these in conjunction with his treatments to help relaxed the most stressed out patient. This is a product Dr. Rosen will never be without!