Question: Why Do We Practice Things? Why Do We Practice Things We Do?

Response 1: Practice Makes Perfect? To Establish it to become a habit so over time it’s easy.

Response 2: To master a skill or a mindset

Response 3: Perfect Practice makes perfect but the repetition is what drives a habit- good or bad.


Psychologically and actually WE PRACTICE something NOT so you get it right (which is so opposite of what we are raised to believe…) WE PRACTICE something so WE WON’T get it WRONG (by not getting it wrong, we get it right!)


We cannot even learn from the mistakes from others.

This is why we practice something so we do not get it wrong!

“PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT” because if we practice but we are practicing with wrong mechanics or thoughts or actions then practice by itself is not perfect. PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

What are you perfectly practicing? It can be as simple as making your bed in the morning to running your first marathon, incorporating stretches throughout your day or baking banana bread. Make your to do list, your goal list, your everything I’ve ever wanted list and determine how you can establish new habits to practice to check each one off your list.

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