Fatherly Advice

We all love learning something new! Dont’ we?

It’s interesting! Fascinating!

So for Father’s Day, or simply Men’s day, here is a supportive and appreciative message for fathers and men in this world who really do and mean well!

“Fatherly advice”, what is it?

for the father of their own children, or father to a friend, or father as a mentor, or father figure for the father who think he knows best…

Fathers are often looked toward as problem solvers, at least in the early days of childhood. It is my hope that most people reading this can remember and bend enough to try and see it that way, because, initially that is how the “majority” of fathers “see” themselves  “wanting” to be “seen”!

So we are texting about the male brain and body!

We all learn to be problem solvers in one way or another! Either, definitely great at it, fair or good at it, or simply knowing who to call for help! That is problem solving too!

Problems, what is a problem?

We all use the word when we seem to have many things going on around us that stymie us, that slow us down or even stop us completely. We quickly relabel this as STRESS! “Ugh I’m so stressed out!” I hear that, all too often, when it’s really only a “perception”!

So, if we are all problem solvers to one degree or another can we not then recognize that truly ALL STRESS IS TEMPORARY! The “temporary” inability to solve a problem! EVERYTHING” gets solved eventually! And it does!

Often stress begins in the eyes and ears from what we see and/or hear and those sensory inputs to our computer, aka”our brain”,then react to it! This reaction determines a lot! When the brain becomes overloaded with what we call stress, the function of the brain slows down over time!

One particular part of the brain that does this is the pituitary gland! The brain is a muscle and stress causes this muscle to become tense, and like any muscle it gets tight, stiff, and squeezes, in this case, around the pituitary gland!

The pituitary gland gives men and all people, GH-growth hormone”, which we do not appreciate when we are young and only want more of it when we are older! However with time, aging and from stress, it’s production slows down! As do other hormones, from the pituitary gland particularly, ADH (ANTI-diuretic hormone!), this hormone STOPS us from excessive urination! As we get older, we actually want this hormone more! It is perhaps one of the most over looked misdiagnosed hormone deficiencies in function in the human body!

It is essential so we are all not running to the bathroom, day and night, 10-20 times per day or night! For if we do, we dehydrate, losing excess water, minerals, time and even our sanity from having to live our lives around finding a bathroom!

Eventually what I have surmised is that the body creates a breaking system for this excessive feeling or having to go,  by enlarging, in males, the PROSTATE to try and slow down to a trickle and minimize excessive urination! It actually causes us to have excessive urges.

So my Father’s Day gift is to:

  • strengthen the male brain
  • support the male body
  • give understanding and peace of mind to what is going on here!

It’s relatively an easy fix, and it is absolutely fixable to some degree or another.

It’s about realizing every single stress is truly the TEMPORARY inability to solve a problem! Stress has been described and linked to be at the root cause of all illness! And as I wrote earlier, STRESS IS TEMPORARY! Most things, that were stressful to us three, five and ten or more years ago are like dust in the wind! Here and now gone! The mind can realize all stress is just a temporary inability to solve a problem! Everything eventually is resolved and works out! DO NOT “ALLOW” yourself to get even slightly frazzled!

It’s all temporary!

You can “create” this new mindset! And you can do this easily with repetition!

Second and Third:
A few products I love to give my patients that I am sharing during the week leading up to Father’s Day for the brain and body!

Pituitrophin: to strengthen and support the health of the pituitary gland (GH & ADH)

Kava Forte and Chi happiness to increase dopamine the feel good hormone and serotonin the relaxation and calming sleep assist hormone,

Prostaco one of the finest herbal combinations I have found to give men greater vitality of function as well as relax and ease the pressure of prostate irritation!

So Happy Men’s Day and Happy Father’s Day! It is my hope to provide greater feelings of health, vitality, wellness and the application of knowledge, for a healthier today and tomorrow’s

I look forward to seeing and hearing, sensory input to my brain, great days ahead for you and yours!

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