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It's All About Balance

Dr. Rosen’s mission with every patient is to treat the whole body, encompassing the structural, physical, chemical and emotional components. He listens intently to each patient and spends as much time as needed to get to the root cause of all ailments. Recognizing that pain and spinal conditions arise from days, weeks, months or even years of physical (trauma, structural), emotional (auto suggestion, psychological) and chemical (toxins, chemicals) stress, he utilizes many means of alternative therapies to resolve pain and lack of function, returning clients to vibrant health.

His favorite motto with regards to his office is “At whatever hour you call, you will find light, health and human kindness.” His office is open at any hour a person needs to be seen and spends countless hours talking and communicating to each patient both in and out of the office setting to continue coaching and guiding throughout the day. Dr. Rosen is constantly evolving and learning and is dedicated to making sure that each patient is treated like family.

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