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Through the course of your treatment, every visit with Dr. Rosen is different.  As your body changes and heals, new modalities might be used, new nutrition might be introduced and new advice will be discussed as your body adapts to these changes. This is not just a quick adjustment office. Dr. Rosen will always give you time to discuss your health concerns and you will be an integral part of the healing process on all levels- physical, chemical and emotional.

Pain can be a result of many things, not just physical. Sometime just talking out the issues and simple nutrition might be all one needs. Sometimes the adjustment along with nutrition is all one needs. Everyone is different and everyone responds differently and Dr. Rosen is very well aware of what each person needs at each visit

Many people come to Dr. Rosen after having explored numerous traditional medical options as well as alternative and holistic options that have failed them.  Dr. Rosen’s ability to listen and diagnose and search for answers makes him a caring and unique doctor.  Read our testimonials to find out more and better yet, give us a call.

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